The Rest of Your PC
Difficulty You Should... More Info...
  Medium use safe boot-up and network logon passwords (CMOS/BIOS & OS), store them securely, and never give them out to anyone  
Hard if you don't use floppies, disable the A-drive (floppy drive) through your password protected CMOS  
Easy use a password-protected screensaver for your work PC (or home PC if you live with others) Desktop Security/
Medium acquire and learn to use a permanent "file shredding"/"disk wiping" utility File Shredding/
Disk Wiping
Hard acquire and use a disk or file encryption program (e.g., PGP or ScramDisk) for sensitive files Disk/File Encryption
Hard acquire and learn to configure and use a PC security/lockdown program (esp. for Win9x) to prevent unauthorized access and changes to your PC (e.g., Authorize or Winshield) Desktop Security/
Hard learn to configure and use the security features of Windows NT/2000, esp. NTFS file permissions & journaling, access control lists (ACL's), registry permissions, security event logging, and other user rights Windows NT/2000/XP 
Security Info
Hard disable the built in "guest" account in Windows NT/2000 if no one else will be accessing or using your PC Windows NT/2000/XP 
Security Info
Hard if you need to let other persons have access to your PC, setup and configure a secure "guest" account for your PC Windows NT/2000/XP 
Security Info
Medium install and configure Microsoft's TweakUI (or a similar 3rd party program) to clear histories and caches routinely generated by Windows

Privacy Junk 

Medium turn off or custom configure MS DCOM using the dcomcnfg.exe utility Microsoft DCOM Info
EBURGER Windows Security
Hard configure Windows to display the extension for Scrap Files PC Help's Home Page
Hard get the latest security patches/updates for your OS and Office suite Critical Software 
Medium create an emergency boot disk ("Startup Disk") and store it in a safe place Misc Privacy &
Security Utilities
Hard create regular backups of your system (total, system files, personal files)  

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