Disk Encryption
Virtual Drives / On the Fly Encryption (OTFE)
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Disk Drive Encryption
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Virtual Drives / On the Fly Encryption (OTFE)
BestCrypt Popular!
CrossCrypt Free!
Cryptainer LE Free!
Cryptainer PE
CryptoEx Volume
Dekart Private Disk
DriveCrypt Popular!
Encryption for the Masses (E4M) Free! Popular!
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Free! Popular!
Imad's PGP 6.5.8ckt Free!
(Enhanced PGP 6.5.8 build)
PGPdisk Free!
Reflex Data Vault
Rohos Desktop Security
SafeBoot Vdisk
SafeGuard PrivateDisk
ScramDisk Free! Popular! *
Sentry 2020
Steganos Disk Encryption
Steganos Security Suite Popular!
The Bat! Private Disk
TrueCrypt Free!
VisNetic SafeFile
OTFE Add-ons / Utilities
Additional Encryption Modules for BestCrypt Free!
IDEA Plugin for BestCrypt Free!
PGP Hotfixes Free!
RC6 & Serpent Encryption Modules for BestCrypt Free!
Sarah Dean's OTFE Utilities Free!
ScramDicer Free!
ScramDisk Tool Kit Free!
SecureTray Utility Free!
Disk Drive Encryption
CompuSec Free!
DriveCrypt Plus Pack
Encryption Anywhere CD-DVD
Encryption Anywhere Hard Disk
MaxCrypt Free!
SafeBoot Device Encryption
SafeGuard Easy
SecureDrive Free!
Secure File System Free!
WinMagic SecureDoc
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PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
On the Fly Encryption - A Comparison

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