File Shredding/Disk Wiping
Windows Wipers/Erasers
DOS Wipers/Erasers
Drive Sterilization
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Windows Wipers/Eraser
AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite Free!
AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Pro
Analog-X SuperShredder Free! Popular!
BCWipe Free! Popular!
Blackboard Filewipe
Blackout Data Security
Blowfish Advanced CS/CryptPak Free! Popular!
Ci-pher Eraser
Clean Disk Security
Complete Cleanup
CryptoSoft Enigma
CyberScrub Popular!
DeepDelete Free!
Directory Snoop Free! Popular!
(prev. freeware version)
Directory Snoop Popular!
Disk CleanUp & File Shredder
E3 (Evidence Eliminator Eliminator)
E3 Security Kit
East-Tec Eraser
Eraser ( Sami Tolvanen) Free! Popular!
Evidence Eliminator
Note: Please read THIS page for important info about Evidence Eliminator. And see THIS page for Robin Hood Software's Reponse
Evidence Terminator
File Destroyer
File Monster
HandyBits File Shredder Free!
Mutilate Popular!
M-Sweep Pro Data Eliminator
OnTrack Data Eraser
Open BCrypt Free!
Paragon Disk Wiper
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Free! Popular!
PGP 6.5.8ckt Free!
(Enhanced PGP 6.5.8 build)
PGP Hotfixes Free!
Scour Free!
Secure Disk Pro
Shiva, Destroyer of Files
Shredder 95/98/NT
Steganos Security Suite Popular!
Sure Delete
Ultra WinCleaner DestroyIt
WipeOut Free!
WipeOut Pro
ZDelete Free!
DOS Wipers/Erasers
Delen, Wipe, & XRD Free!
Eraser (w/ ERASERD.EXE) Free! Popular!
RealDelete Free!
Scorch Free!
WipeFree Free!
Drive Sterilization
Active Kill Disk Free!
Acronis Drive Cleanser
Autoclave Free!
Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) Free!
Disk Wipe
East-Tec DiskSanitizer
Hard Disk Erasers Free!
WipeOut Free!
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PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
Anonymity & Privacy On the Internet - File Wiping
Disk & File Shredders - A Comparison

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