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Web Browser Info
Adding a Fifth Security Zone to Internet Explorer
Adding More Security Zones to Windows (Internet Explorer)
Advanced browser ID Obfuscating for Opera
Advice - 'cuz you asked...
ASAP! A Stand Against Pop-under Ads!
Automatically Recognizing Banner Ad URLs
Beauregard's Browser Security
Blocking Ads
Blocking Cookies with IE 6
Browser Security Tutorials
Browsing Websites at Your Own Risk
Bugnosis Web Bug FAQ
CIAC - Internet Cookies
  • Protect Your Ddentity As You Surf
  • Surf Safely
    Computer Privacy & Security
    Configuring IE without Extra Software
    Cookie Central Popular!

  • Cookie Links
  • Privacy & Cookies - What It's All About
    The Cookie Monster
    CounterExploitation Popular!
  • Basic How-to Bypass Form Buttons
  • Surf Smart!
    Deleting History & Typed URLs in Internet Explorer
    Dick Hazeleger's Anti-Spam Pages
    EFF - The Web Bug FAQ
  • The Cookies Page
  • Internet Privacy
    The E-Privacy Imperative: Hands in the Cookie Jar
    Hacking WinME - Internet Security Zones
    How Ad-Blocking Software Works
    IBM - How to Manage, Negotiate, & Transfer Personal Information on the Web
    Automatically Recognizing Banner Ad URLs
    Internet & E-commerce Security & Privacy Studies
    (Dave Methvin)
    Internet Explorer 6.0 Resources
    Internet Explorer 6.0 Tweak Guide
    Internet Explorer Security
    Internet Explorer Security Options (Windows IT Security)
  • Part I
  • Part II
  • Part III
  • Part IV
  • Part V
  • Part VI
    Internet Explorer Tweak Guide
    Internet RFC 2109 (Cookies)
    Joe'Software - Cookies & Privacy
    Junkbusters - How Web Servers' Cookies Threaten Your Privacy
    Markus Jansson - Tweaks & Tricks for Security & Privacy
  • FAQ About Cookies
  • IE4 Resource Kit - Security Zones
  • IE4 Resource Kit - User Privacy
  • IE5 Resource Kit - Content Ratings & User Privacy
  • IE5 Resource Kit - Security Zones & Permission-Based Security for MS Virtual Machine
  • IE6 Resource Kit - Security Zones
  • IE6 Resource Kit - Users' Privacy
  • Internet Explorer Enthusiasts
  • Introduction to URL Security Zones
  • Prevent Pop-up Ad Windows When Browsing with Internet Explorer
  • Q164539 - How to Determine Which Version of Internet Explorer Is Installed;en-us;q164539
  • Q182569 - Description of Internet Explorer Security Zones Registry Entries;en-us;q182569
  • Q184456 - How to Use Wild Cards When You Add Web Sites to Security Zones;en-us;q184456
  • Q259493 - Problems Adding Top-Level Domains to Zone Sites List
  • Q315933 - How to Enable the My Computer Security Zone in Internet Options;en-us;q315933
  • A Quick Look at Cookies
  • Setting Up Security Zones
  • Understanding Security & Privacy Features in Internet Explorer
  • Use Security and Privacy Features in Internet Explorer 6
  • Using Internet Explorer - How-to Articles
    Netscape - Applying Communicator's Security Features
    Netscape - Persistent Client State HTTP Cookies
    P3P & Internet Explorer 6.0 Privacy Info
    PC Magazine - Total Security
    PC Flank Popular!
  • Home Page
  • What is a Cookie?
  • What is a Referrer?
    PCWorld - Stealth Surfing
    Pilobilus - Privacy & Security On the Internet Popular! Down
  • History & Cache Files
  • ICQ Security Issues
  • Online Finance
  • The Browser, Your Front Door
    Pop-up Windows
    Privacy Foundation Popular!
  • Bad Cookie Recipes
  • Browser Extensions
  • Document Web Bugs FAQ
  • Invasion of the Web Bugs
  • Privacy Glossary
  • Web Bug FAQ
  • Web Bug Primer
  • Popular!
  • Bake your own Internet Cookie!
  • Bring Traced Over the Internet
  • How Companies Can Track Your Movements on the Internet
    Privacy Parts
    Privacy Power! - Cookies, Caches, & Web Bugs Popular!
    Professional Librarian Browser Resources
    Richard M. Smith - Data Spills In Banner Ads Popular!
    Roger Clarke Popular!
  • Cookies Page
  • Dataveillance and Information Privacy Pages
  • Direct Marketing & Privacy
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Encouraging CyberCulture
  • Home Page
  • Privacy On the Internet
  • What's New
    Scott Schnoll Popular!
  • Internet Explorer Security Issues
  • Internet Explorer Security Zones
  • Safety & Security On the Internet
    Search Engines & Privacy
 - Web Bug Report
    Sitebilder - Cookies in a Nutshell
    Slate - Invisible Computing: How to Keep Your Private Business
    Private On the Internet
    So, You Want To Set A Cookie, Huh?
 - Cookies Explained
 - Web Bugs Explained
 - Internet Explorer Data Sheet
    Two Ways to Implement Session Tracking
    UC Berkeley - Web Cookies & Security
    Unofficial Cookie FAQ Popular!
    What Are Those Index.dat Files All Over My PC?
    What to Do About Cookies
    Windows Registry Guide - Restrict Web Sites from Installing Software
    WinMag - Blocking Web Spies
    (Dave Methvin)
    WinMag - IE's Not-So-Restricted Sites (Dave Methvin)
    WinMag - Roll Your Own Zone (Dave Methvin)
    The WWW Security FAQ Popular!
    ZDNet - Protect your network by customizing IE's desktop security settings
    Zhen-Xjell's Web Filtering Reviews Popular!
  • Ad/Cookie Blocking App Reviews,890935;...
  • Privacy Enhancement Software Reviews,993079;...
  • Web Bug/Pop-Up/Ad Blocking Reviews,993079;...
  • Email Info
    CERT Popular!
  • Email: A Postcard Written in Pencil
  • Friend or Foe?
  • Protecting Yourself from Email-borne Viruses & Other Malicious Code
    CNET - Is Your Email Watching You?
    Configuring Mail Clients to Send Plain ASCII Text
  • Combat Email Viruses
  • Exploring the Outlook E-mail Security Patch
  • Secure Outlook From Viruses
    Email Security & You (Windows IT Security)
    Eudora Security
    Gracie's Basic E-mail Safety
    How to Turn Off HTML in Your Outgoing Mail Messages
    JMU Security Engineering
  • Application Issues
  • Hot Topics!
  • Outlook & IE
  • Information About the Outlook Email Security Update;en-us;q262631
  • Information About the Outlook Email Security Update (Outlook 2000);en-us;q262631
  • Information About the Outlook Email Security Update (Outlook 98);en-us;q262631
  • Information About the Unsafe File List in Internet Explorer 6;en-us;q291369
  • Outlook 2002: Users Can Read Nonsecure E-mail as Plain Text
  • Outlook 98/2000 E-mail Security Update White Paper
  • Outlook E-mail Attachment Security Update;en-us;q235309
  • Scripts Embedded in HTML Messages Run Without Warning;en-us;q215774
  • Security Zones in Outlook 2000;en-us;q196799
  • Troubleshooting Security Issues in Outlook 98;en-us;q183409
  • Using Virus Protection Features in Outlook Express 6;en-us;q291387
    Network Magazine - Email Security
    NIST - Guidelines On Electronic Mail Security
    NSA - E-mail & Executable Content Security Guides Popular!
    NT Bugtraq
  • Active Email Content
  • Outlook Email Security Update
  • Safe Email Practices
    Outlook Express Security
    Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center
  • Home Page
  • HTML Mail Vulnerability Updates for Microsoft Outlook
  • Opening .exe Attachments with the Outlook E-mail Security Update & Outlook 2002
  • Outlook Email Security Update
  • Protecting Microsoft Outlook Against Viruses
  • Viruses Affecting Microsoft Outlook
    Privacy Foundation Popular!
  • Email Wiretapping
  • Turning Off JavaScript in Email
  • Web Bug FAQ
    Richard M. Smith Popular!
  • The Cookie Leak Security Hole
    in HTML Email Messages
  • Email Security Hazards
    SANS Institute - Email Issues
    SatireWire - Foot-And-Mouth Believed To Be First Virus
    Unable To Spread Through Microsoft Outlook
    Securing Microsoft Outlook 2000 FAQ
 - Email Bug Threatens Privacy
    Top 10 Places Your Email Can Be Intercepted
    Univ. of  Maryland
  • Email Virus Protection for Microsoft Outlook 2000
  • Email & Web Virus Protection for IE 5 & OE 5
    Why HTML in E-Mail is a Bad Idea
    Webbug - Whose Reading Your Email
    WinMag - Fix Up Outlook Mail Security
    (Dave Methvin)
    dot.NET / Passport / Hailstorm
    ArsTechnica - Microsoft .NET Explained
    CNET - Microsoft, FTC Reach Privacy Settlement
    CNET - Who Are You?
    EPIC - Sign Out of Passport! Popular!
    Feds Might Use Microsoft Product for Online ID
    Joel On Software - Microsoft Passport Popular!
    Microsoft Passport to Trouble
    (Marc Slemko) Popular!
    The New York Times - Microsoft Has Shelved Its Internet Persona Service
    PC Help - MSN Cookie Data Crosses Domains Popular!
    Risks of the Passport Single Signon Protocol Popular!
    (David P. Kormann & Aviel D. Rubin)
    The End Of Anonymous Surfing?
    (Fred Langa)
    The Threat Of Microsoft's .Net Popular!
    (Whitfield Diffie & Susan Landau)
    WIRED - MS Passport: Straight to the FTC
    WIRED - Passport Deal Gets Mixed Reviews
    ZDNet - Mistaken Identities
    ZDNet - MS Passport Required, Not Wanted
    General Internet Privacy Info
    Americans & Online Privacy
    Black Sun Research Facility Tutorials
    Carlson Analytics Privacy Guide
    CNET - Stop! Look Before You Click
    Data Mining
  • Surfer Beware: Personal Privacy & The Internet
  • Surfer Beware II: Notice Is Not Enough
    Interhack Publications Popular!
    It's the People, Stupid
    ISAlliance: Common Sense Guide for Home & Individual Users
    Joe'Software - Online Security
    Junkbusters - The Wide World of Junk Popular!
    A Modest Treatise on Obfuscation in Gobbledygooky Privacy Policies
    NetSafe - Information Theft
    NetworkICE advICE Popular!
    The New York Times - Seeking Profits, Internet Companies Alter Privacy Policy
    OECD Privacy Statement Generator
    Ontario Information & Privacy Commissioner
  • An Internet Privacy Primer: Assume Nothing
  • Data Mining: Staking a Claim on Your Privacy
  • Privacy & Digital Rights Management (DRM): An Oxymoron?
  • Publications & Presentations
  • Web Seals: A Review of Online Privacy Programs
  • Why Web sites need Privacy Policies
    PC Magazine - Privacy
    Privacy Policy My A$$
    SANS Institute - Privacy Issues

  • Basic Security Checklist for Home & Office Users
  • Securing Privacy, Part 1
  • Securing Privacy, Part 2
  • Securing Privacy, Part 3
  • Securing Privacy, Part 4
    Slashdot - Privacy Policies Heading Downhill
    Slate - Invisible Computing
    The Guardian - Big Brother
    The Unofficial @Guard FAQ
    Unofficial ShieldsUP! Forum FAQ Popular!
    Uzi Paz - Security Articles
    Web Profiling Is Getting Personal
    WIRED - Just How Trusty Is TRUSTe?
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