Microsoft DCOM Info
CounterExploitation: RPCSS & MDM.EXE
CyberWatch Research Paper: Microsoft DCOM/RPC Buffer Overflow
CounterExploitation: RPCSS & MDM.EXE
EBURGER Windows Security
GRC: DCOMbobulator
IE'en Remotely Controls Internet Explorer using DCOM
Indiana University Knowledge Base
  • What is COM, COM+, & DCOM?
  • What is OLE?
  • COM Security Frequently Asked Questions;en-us;q158508
  • Microsoft DCOM
  • Modem Attempts to Dial When Windows Starts;en-us;q175312
  • MSDN - Appearance of Internet Connection
    Dialog Box at Startup of Windows 95 or Windows 98
  • MSDN - COM Internet Services
  • MSDN - COM Security In Practice
  • MSDN - DCOM: A Business Overview
  • MSDN - DCOM Technical Overview
    NTBugTraq - DCOM/RPC Vulnerabilities FAQ
    Privacy Power! - DCOM & SOAP
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