Misc Privacy & Security Tools
Automated Security Self Evaluation Tool (NIST) Free!
AXCEL216's MAX Speeed WinDOwS Free!
Belarc Advisor Free!
DocScrubber Free!
Doug's Windows Tweaks & Tips Free!
EBURGER Windows Security Free!
eSTOP! Free!
GUIDClean Free!
Guideon Free!
Hideaway Security Monitor Free!
IANAG Security Tweaking Program Free!
InetGuardian Lite Free!
Intel Pentium III Serial Free!
LExE Free!
Microsoft - Security ScreenSavers Free!
Microsoft - Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden Data Free!
nfilter (Client Side Usenet News Filter)
Private Bookmarks Free!
Revenge of Mozilla! Free!
SANS Desktop News Browser Free!
Security Scout
SPIKE proXy Free!
Stealth Web Security Scanner
System Restore Remover Pro (Windows Me) Free!
Wilders Security Screen Saver Free!
Windows MultiEnhancer Free!
Word MetaData Assistant Free!
X-Setup Free!
  • Free! indicates "freeware." Some "freeware" may be free only for personal, non-commerical, or educational use. Most other software programs have a trial period, after which you must purchase to continue use.
  • Entries that are marked Popular! indicate programs that are popularly recommended by other users, not necessarily the author of this web site. The author of this web site does not endorse or recommend products or services unless explicitly noted.

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