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Block Lists, Config Tips, & Utilities
AdShield Block List (1) Free!
AdShield Block List (2) Free!
AdShield Block FAQ Free!
AGNIS: @Guard/NIS Ad Block List Free!
AGNIS for AdShield: AdShield Ad Block List Free!
AGNIS for Outpost: Outpost Ad Block List Free!
BleedingSnort - Malware Prevention through Black Hole DNS Free!
BleedingSnort - Spyware Listening Post Free!
BleedingSnort - Spyware Listening Post Info Free!
Bad IP addresses (BBL) Free!
Blocking Ads On the Internet Free!
bluetack.co.uk - Blocklist Formats & Sources Free!
bluetack.co.uk - Blocklist Manager Free!
bluetack.co.uk - Security Blocklist Converter Free!
Bruce's System Wide Filtering & Blocking Free!
(DNSKong/eDexter/.PAC files/proxies)
Bruce's WebWasher Workshop Free!
(Misc Tools)
CookieCop Block Files Free!
Declude Database Summary Free!
dmoz.org - Ad Filters Free!
IE-SPYAD - Ad Block List for Internet Explorer Free!
Junkbuster Blocklist Free!
Malware Blocklist Free!
Privacy Power - Chaining Proxy Programs Free!
ProWAGoN: NIS Block List Utility Free!
Sponge's Spyware & DNS Kong Block Lists Free!
SpyList: The malware filter list Free!
Proxomitron Add-ons
Altosax's Proxomitron Filters Free!
Arne's SSL files for Proxo Free!
Dave's Proxomitron Page Free!
JD's Proxomitron Lists Free!
Paul's Pretty Powerful Proxomitron Programming Page Page Free!
ProxoHI Free!
Proxomitron Configuration Manager Free!
Proxomitron Filters Tutorials Free!
Ray's Proxomitron Page Free!
Sponge's Proxomitron Configuration Files Free!
The Proxomitron Help Page Free!
The Proxomitron Info, Tips, & Tricks Free!
The Proxomitron Quick Reference Free!
The Proxomitron Yahoo Support Group Free!
The ProxoPatcher Free!
The Un-Official Proxomitron Site Free!
Web Hiker's Guide to Proxomitron Free!
Zhen-Xjell's Proxomitron Config Files Free!
  • Default Configuration File
    or http://www.laudanski.com/#PROXO
  • Text Files
    or http://www.dslreports.com/.../txt_files.zip (direct download)
  • ZXList (complete)
    Zhen-Xjell's Proxomitron Help Files Free!
  • Default.CFG Proxomitron Help Page
  • The Prox Help File
  • The Prox 4.1 Help File
  • The Prox IFAOFAQN (It's Finally A Official F.A.Q. Now)
  • HOSTS Files & Utilities
    7DeadlySins HOSTS File Free!
    The Ad-Police Free!
    Block Web Site Buddy Free!
    Bruce's System Wide Filtering & Blocking Free!
    (DNSKong/eDexter/.PAC files/proxies)
    bluetack.co.uk - HOSTS File Free!
    bluetack.co.uk - HOSTS Manager Free!
    eDexter Free!
    GDS - HOSTS File Free!
    GDS - HOSTS Site Free!
    GDS - Windows 2000 HOSTS Solution Free!
    HostAssist Free!
    Hosts Alert Free!
    Hosts EditorFree!
    Hostess Free!
    HOSTS File Reader Free!
    HOSTS Manager Free!
    HOSTS Toggle Free!
    How To Block Ads (& Web Bugs) Without Extra Software Free!
    How To Block Ads and Access Free!
    hpguru's HOSTS File Free!
    JacK's HOSTS File Free!
    MVPS HOSTS File Free!
    P. Kolla's HOSTS File Free!
    PompeyFan's HOSTS File Free!
    Privacy Power - HOSTS File: "Temporarily Suspend" Tricks Free!
    Pyrenean - Privacy Software Free!
    sh0rtie - Block Adverts Free!
    Sponge's HOSTS File Free!
    SpywareFri.dk HOSTS File Free!
    TechnoErotica HOSTS File Free!
    ToggleHOSTS Free!
    Using a Hosts File To Make The Internet Not Suck (as much) Free!
    WebAdBlocking Free!
    WebAdBlocking On the Internet Free!
    Xen HOSTS Free!
    (batch files)
    Internet Explorer/Outlook Express
    Adding a Fifth Security Zone to Internet Explorer Free!
    Adding More Security Zones to Windows  Free!
    AMUST eCondom Free!
    AutoCloser Free!
    Dataprotection Settings on Internet Explorer 6.0 Free!
    Enough is Enough! - IE Lockdown Utility Free!
    Hacking WinME - P3P Policies for IE 6 Security Zones Free!
    IEClean Popular!
    IE Kill Free!
    IEradicator Free!
    IE-SPYAD (IE Restricted zone list) Free!
    IE Zone Editor Free!
    Internet Explorer 6.0 Privacy Tools Free!
    Internet Explorer Security Pro
    Internet Security Tweak Pro
    Microsoft IE Power Tweaks Web Accessories Free!
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Power Toys Free!
    MVPS Restricted Domains (IE Restricted zone list) Free!
    OE AdKill Free!
    Sandboxie Free!
    Security Settings Backup (Jason Levine) Free!
    Security Zones (PompeyFan) Free!
    Security Zone Changer Free!
    Security Zone Manager
    TrustSetter (Jason Levine) Free!
    WinMag - Roll Your Own Zone (Dave Methvin) Free!
    ZonedOut Free!
    Netscape / Mozilla / Firefox
    AdBlock Free!
    Ad Blocking Free!
    Ad Blocking for Mozilla and Netscape 7 Free!
    BannerBlind Free!
    Configurable Security Policies Free!
    CustomizeGoogle Free!
    How Can I Restore Pop-up Window Blocking in Netscape 7? Free!
    Mozilla Ad Blocking Free!
    NSClean Popular!
    Policy Manager Free!
    Preferences Toolbar Free!
    Opera Ad Filter Free!
    OFE and O4FE: Opera File Explorer Free!
    Opera: Blocking Unwanted Ads Free!
    .PAC Files & .PIC Rules
    Blackhole Proxy Free!
    Jamie's .PAC File Free!
    No-Ads (.PAC files) Free!
    PICS Rules for Internet Explorer Free!
    Cloudmark Safetybar
    Netcraft Toolbar Free!
    PhishGuard Free!
    SpoofGuard Free!
    SpoofStick Free!
    BadBlue Free!
    GreyMagic Online Script Decoder Free!
    Savant Web Server
    TinyWeb Free!
    VBScript Decoder Free!
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