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Alken - Cult of the amazing puffins
Computer Cops - Online Port Scanners
Good & Bad Online Security Check-Ups (Fred Langa)
Iggyz Virus Protection & Firewall Testing Page
Onion Routing
Port Scan Sites
Security for Cable Networks - Online Security Tests
SFNL Firewall Test Suite and Methodology
Ad Filter/Popup Blocker Test Pages
AdKiller - Test Page
AdPurger - Test Page
AdWiper - Test Page
Anti Ad Blocker
Bayden PopUp Test Page
Bugnosis - Web Bugged Sites
Business 2.0 - Way Beyond the Banner - PopUp Hell Potentially Dangerous!
FilterGate - Test Page
IE 6 Banner & Popup Test
Internet Watcher 2000- Test Page
myNetWatchman - WinPopUP Vulnerability Tester
Paul's Pretty Powerful Proxomitron Testing Page
PopNot Test Page
Popup Ad Filter Test Page
Popup Free Popup Test
Popup Killer and Ad Blocker Testpage
Popup Killer Tests
Pop-Up Killer Test Page
Spork, Spork, Spork (Pop-up Test Page)
SureShot PopUp Test Page
WebKnacks PopUp Test Page - Test Page
ZeroPopup - Test Page
Email Tests
Computer Cops Email Virus Scan Service
Email Web Bug Test Page
E-mail Test
GFI Email Security Testing Zone
Outlook Express/HTML Email Test Page
Secure IT Systems - Email System Security Test
Test Your E-mail Defenses Popular!
Browser Privacy Tests
A861.COM Citizen - Free Proxy Environment Variables Test
aa's Test Page Popular!
Adiscon QuickCheck for Clients Snoop Test
ASP 101 - Server Variables Source Code
Browser Spy Popular!
Computer Cops Reveal Your IP
DigiCrime Popular!
FBI Eyes (yes, it's a spoof)
"Have a Look at Yourself"
Jason Levine's Browser Security Tests Popular!
Junkbusters Alert On Web Privacy
Leader's Investigation Report
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  • Client Variables
  • Server Variables
    Lockdown Security Tests
    Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookie Vulnerability
    PC Flank - Browser Test Popular!
 - Analyze Popular!
    Qualys Browser Checkup
 - Headers
    ShieldsUp! - Browser Request Header Display Popular!
    UIUC - A Note About Web Browsers & Privacy
    Your Current Internet Information
    Active Content Tests    Potentially Dangerous!
    ActiveX Exploder
    ActiveX - Is It Worth the Risk?
    ActiveX Security Popular!
    (Richard M. Smith)
    ActiveX Viruses
    Browser Crashes (Richard M. Smith) Popular!
    Cookie Central - Javascript Cookie Demos
    c't Browsercheck (Deutsch) Popular!
 - Cross Site Scripting Holes
    Elmu's Internet Explorer Security Check Popular!
    Finjan Security Testing Center
    Georgi Guninski's Home Page Popular!
    GreyMagic - Internet Explorer Advisories Popular!
    Hostile Applets

    IE Content-Type Vulnerability Tests
    Internet Explorer Fun Run Popular!
    Jason Levine's Browser Security Tests Popular!
    Jason Levine's IE Vulnerability Tests Popular!
    JSecure (Java Security Testing)
    Nasty JavaScript Tricks
 Test Zone
 - IE Exploits Popular!
    Paul's Pretty Powerful Proxomitron Testing Page Popular!
 - Unpatched IE Security Holes Popular!
    scanit Browser Security Tests
    Secure IT Systems - Security Testing Zone
 - Browser Test
    Stupid Java Security Tricks
    TINY Software - ActiveX Example
    Using Back Button in IE is Dangerous (demo)
    Weaknesses in ActiveX
    WSHOM.OCX Exploit Test Page
    SSL Checks
    CyberWatch-911 - How to Check Your Browser's Cipher Strength
 - SSL Encryption Check
    Google - Check Your Browser's Cipher Strength
    NetCraft - What Is This SSL Site Running?
    Verisign - Browser Check
    Networking Tests
    aČ Online-Check
 - Online Check (Deutsch)
    BeyondSecurity - Automated Scanning
    BlackCode - Security Scan
    Computer Cops Popular!
  • TCP Port Scanner
  • Trojan TCP Scan
  • UDP Port Scanner
    COTSE's nmap Port Probe

    DSL Reports / Broadband Reports Popular!
  • SecureMe  

  • ShieldProbe
    GRC - Shields Up! Popular!
    HackerWhacker Popular!
    it.sec Online NETBIOS Vulnerability Check
    Kalish Java Port Scanner Popular!
 - NMAP Port Scan
    Lockdown Security Tests
    McAfee Wi-Fi Scan
    MyCIO CyberCop ASaP
    NetScreen Security Port Scan
    Network Scan

    Paragon Systems - Free Audit
    PC Flank Popular!
  • About PC Flank's Tests (index)
  • Advanced Port Scanner Test
  • Exploits Test
  • Quick Test
  • Stealth Test
  • Trojans Test
    pcRemote Scanner
    Port Detective
    Remote Security Tester
    SafeCenter.NET Anti-hacker Scan Popular!
    Secure Design - Port Scan Security Check Popular!
    Secure IT Systems - Security Testing Zone
    SecurityMetrics - Security Tests
    Security Space Popular!
    Sygate S.O.S Popular!
    Symantec Security check

    WinNuke Test Page Potentially Dangerous! Popular!
    Zone Labs Security Scanner
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    • Potentially Dangerous! indicates that the site runs tests, attacks, or exploits  which may crash your PC, potentially resulting in loss of unsaved data and localized file corruption.

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