Enough is Enough!

Enough is Enough!

Last Updated: Apr 14 '02

Have you just about had it with sneaky spyware installations, pesky third-party cookies from pushy advertisers and marketers, and the unending blizzard of popups and popunders from web sites? Haven't you really had just about enough of these obnoxious, invasive practices that trash your computer and violate your privacy?

Then it's time you said, "Enough is Enough!"


Enough is Enough! is a lockdown utility for Internet Explorer 5 and 6. When you install Enough is Enough!, it will:

  • Lock down your Internet and Restricted sites zones with restrictive settings for dangerous options like ActiveX, Java, scripting, and a few others.
  • Severely restrict the use of cookies (but not completely disable them for trusted web sites or for single session use).
  • Disable several Advanced settings, including Install on Demand and Third-party Browser Extensions.
  • Install Microsoft's IE PowerTweaks WebZone Accessory, putting two new options on your IE Tools menu, with corresponding buttons on your Toolbar: "Add to Trusted Zone" and "Add to Restricted Zone."
With these new Internet Explorer settings you will be protected from the more dangerous elements of the web without having to worry about putting known nasties into your Restricted sites zone:
  • You'll be protected from rogue crapware installations (e.g., Gator, BonziBuddy, WebHancer, Lop.com, and the like). 
  • You won't be accepting cookies from direct marketing outfits who seek to monitor and track your travels around the Net. 
  • You'll put an end to annoying, useless popups at most web sites by default. 
  • You'll put all web sites on a "short leash" until you trust them enough to add them to your Trusted sites zone.
In short, Internet Explorer will start behaving as YOU want it to behave, not as direct marketers and spyware pushers want it to behave. What you do with Enough is Enough! is enforce your very own "opt-in" policy: no web sites get to use permanent cookies, ActiveX, Java, JavaScript and other dangerous Internet Explorer options until you explicitly give them the go-ahead by putting those sites into your Trusted zone. 


A word of warning: the severely restrictive IE settings that Enough is Enough! uses will break many web sites until you add them to your Trusted sites zone. These settings will also disable third-party browser add-ons (commonly known as "plugins").

Keep in mind that you can always tweak IE's settings through the Internet Options box after installing Enough is Enough! 

And of course, Enough is Enough! installs Microsoft's Power Tweaks WebZone Accessory so that you can quickly and conveniently add sites you visit frequently (and which require permanent cookies or certain types of active content) to the Trusted sites zones. Once you add a site that you trust to the Trusted sites zone, it should start working again.

See the section in the ReadMe titled "Coping with Problem Web Sites & Browser Add-ons" below for more advice on dealing with problem web sites and third-party browser add-ons.

More than Enough?

Enough is Enough! isn't for everyone. If you find broken web sites extremely frustrating, and taking the time to add web sites to your Trusted sites zone is too annoying for you to deal with, then Enough is Enough! might be "more than enough" for you -- it might be much too much.

There are several uninstallation options, so you're not stuck with Enough is Enough! by any means, should you decide that it's not for you (see the "Uninstallation" section in the ReadMe for more details).

If Enough is Enough! isn't for you, you might consider downloading and installing IE-SPYAD. IE-SPYAD will add a long list of known advertisers, marketers, and crapware pushers to your Restricted sites zone, giving you a large measure of protection from the nastier elements of the web while still allowing you to keep your Internet zone settings fairly loose. You can download IE-SPYAD HERE.


Enough is Enough! is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. The installer (INSTALL.BAT) will detect if you're using Internet Explorer 6.0 and adjust the settings it installs accordingly. Enough is Enough! also works with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Enough is Enough! should not be used on Internet Explorer 3.0 or 4.0 (though the installer will let you do it). If you mistakenly install Enough is Enough! on Internet Explorer 3.0 or 4.0, you can uninstall it and restore your previous IE settings by re-running INSTALL.BAT. 

Installation & Use:

Download one of the following files from the Download section below:

is a self-extracting .ZIP file, which you can double-click on to extract the files inside (default dir is C:\ENOUGH).  
requires that you have an "zip/unzip" program like WinZip, 7-Zip, or PowerArchiver to extract the files.  

After you explode the files from the archive you downloaded, run INSTALL.BAT, or consult README.TXT for more information about this utility. You can view an online version of README.TXT HERE.


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These files have been signed with with my 4096/1024 DH/DSS PGP key. You can get it and my other PGP keys HERE.

The PGP signature files are digital signatures that PGP users can use to verify the integrity and origin of the download packages. If you're not a PGP user, you don't have to download the PGP signature files (or my PGP public keys) in order to use the utilities that I make available. If you're interested in learning more about PGP, check some of the links on THIS page.

This program is Free! Please read this License & Disclaimer.

Last Updated: Apr 14 '02

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