My PGP Public Keys

You can download any of my public keys as an importable ASCII Armored (.ASC) file and import it onto your keyring...

Key Description .ASC File
Diffie-Hellman/DSS 4096/1024 * elh_dh-dss_4096-1024.asc *
Diffie-Hellman/DSS 2048/1024 elh_dh-dss_2048-1024.asc
RSA 4096/4096 elh_rsa_4096-4096.asc
RSA 2048 (Legacy) elh_rsa_2048.asc
* Used to sign downloadable files from this site.

...or you can search one of the following keyservers:

WWW PGPkeys Server Search... (http, 11371) (http, 11371) (http, 11371) (http, 11371) (http, 11371) (http, 11371) (http, 11371)
n/a (ldap, 11370)

The standard keyservers, which were down for 5-6 months, have been brought back online following the launch of the new PGP Corporation (which you can read about HERE):

WWW PGPkeys Server Search...
n/a (ldap, 389)
n/a (ldap, 11370)
PGP Global Directory n/a

Note that the old NAI keyserver is down:

WWW PGPkeys Server Search... (http, 11371)

You can find links to still other keyservers on these pages:

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