Personal Firewalls
3B Personal Firewall Pro
8Signs Firewall
(formerly ConSeal PC Firewall)
Agnitum Outpost Firewall Free Free! Popular!
Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro Popular!
AnalogX - IPSec & You Free!
(Windows 2000 IPsec firewall)
Armor2net Personal Firewall
AShampoo Firewall Free!
BitGuard Personal Firewall
BlackICE Defender 2.9 Popular!
BlackICE PC Protection 3.5 Popular!
BlackICE PC Protection 3.6 Popular!
BlackICE X-Force Internet Watch (XFIW) Free! Popular!
CHX-I Packet Filter Free!
Demarc PureSecure
Eagle X - IDS environment Free!
eTrust EZ Firewall
FirePanel XP Free!
Filseclab Personal Firewall
Firewall X-treme
GhostWall Free!
InJoy Firewall
ITShield Firewall
Jetico Personal Firewall
Kaspersky Labs Anti-Hacker
Lavasoft Personal Firewall
Look'n'Stop Popular!
Look'n'Stop Lite Free! Popular!
McAfee Desktop Firewall Personal Firewall Plus
McAfee Wireless Home Network Security
Microsoft Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) Free!
NetVeda Safety.Net Free!
NetVeda Safety.Net Pro
Norman Personal Firewall
Norton Personal Firewall Popular!
Omniquad Personal Firewall
pcInternet Patrol
PC Viper Popular!
PeerGuardian Free!
Primedius Firewall Pro
Prisma Firewall
(formerly Deerfield Personal Firewall)
Proxy +
SafeWorld Hacker Stopper
SecureIIS Application Firewall
Securepoint Firewall
Securepoint Intrusion Detection
Securepoint Personal Firewall & VPN Client 3.6 Free!
SecureUp Personal Firewall
Simple TDI Based Open Source Personal Firewall Free!
Snort (Intrusion Detection System) Free!
SoftPerfect Personal Firewall Free!
SOHOConnection Free!
SurfSecret Personal Firewall
Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall 2.15 Popular!
Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall 4 Popular!
Sygate Personal Firewall (discontinued)
Sygate Personal Firewall Pro (discontinued)
TheGreenBow Personal Firewall
Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0 Free! Popular!
Tiny Personal FirewallPopular!
Virus MD Personal Firewall
Visnetic Firewall
(formerly Ambra Firewall & ConSeal PC Firewall)
Windows 2000 Firewalling Free!
(Windows 2000 IPsec firewall)
WinRoute Firewall
WinRoute Pro
Winsock Firewall Free!
WinWrapper 1.03
WinWrapper 2.0 Pro
WinWrapper 3.0 Personal Edition
WyvernWorks Firewall Free!
ZoneAlarm 2.0 Free! Popular!
ZoneAlarm 2.1 Free! Popular!
ZoneAlarm 2.6 Free! Popular!
ZoneAlarm 6.0 Free! Popular!
ZoneAlarm Pro 6.0 Popular!
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