Port Lists
Anti-Trojan - Known Application Ports
Anti-Trojan - Known Trojan Ports
Commodon.com - Trojan Ports
Commonly Probed Ports
  • Ports Used by Common Internet Applications
  • Ports Used by Windows NT, Terminal Server and Exchange Server
  • Ports Used by Known Trojans & Hacks
    DarkEclipse - Complete Listing of Trojan Ports
    DancinMan - Common Ports GuideBook II
    DoorStop Port List
    DoSHelp Trojan Ports
    DSL Reports/Broadband Reports - Commonly Open TCP/UDP Ports
    ElfQrin Port List Popular!
    Glocksoft.com - Known Trojan Horses
    IANA/IETF Assigned Port Numbers Popular!
    Infobot.org - Port DB
    Intrusion Detection FAQ - Odd Ports
    Linnet Solutions - Firewall TCP/UDP Ports
    NetWHO - Ports List
  • Port Groups
  • Ports Listing
    NetworkSorcery - Registered Ports
    NoHack - Ports
    Nyheter Trojanlistan Popular!
    PracticallyNetworked - Special Application Port List
    Richard Akerman - Ports Listing
    Robert Graham - Common Incoming TCP/UDP Probes
    Secured - Trojan Port Listing
    Simovits.com - Trojan List (Sorted)
    Siscom.net - Reserved and Registered IP Port Numbers
    Sockets.com - Port Numbers & Services Database
    Stengel.net - Well Known Port Numbers
    Suspect Ports
  • Less Suspect Ports
  • Suspect Ports
    Sys-Security.com - Trojan Horse Port List
    Tantalo.net - Ports
    TCP/UDP Port List
    trojan - cheval de Troie - liste (1)
    trojan - cheval de Troie - liste (2)
    Trojan List - Sorted
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