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Basic Net Utilities
3D TraceRoute Free!
CyberKit Free! Popular!
iNetTools Popular!
(formerly AG Net Tools)
Internet Anywhere Toolkit
IP Agent Free!
IP Lookup Free!
IP Tools
NeoTrace Popular!
NeoTrace Express Free! Popular!
NetScanTools Popular!
PCHelp's Network Tracer Free! Popular!
Ping Plotter
Sam Spade Free! Popular!
Smart WhoIs
VisualRoute Popular!
Whois, Finger, & Host Utilities Free!
WS_Ping ProPack Popular!
Net Monitors
AnalogX NetStat Live 2.1 Free!
Atelier Web Remote Commander Popular!
Essential NetTools
Netmon Free!
Netstat Viewer Free!
NetWatcher 2000
Network Probe
OpenPorts Free!
Port_Log Free!
PortMaker Free!
Port Reporter Free!
RPC Tools Free!
Spyster Free! Popular!
SysInternals TCPView, TDIMon, PortMon Free! Popular!
VPNMonitor Free!
Winternals TCPView Pro Popular!
XploiterStat Free! Popular!
XP Netstats Bar Free!
Packet Sniffers
AnalogX PacketMon Free!
Analyzer Free!
AntiSniff Popular!
Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer (AWPTA) Popular!
CommView Popular!
dsniff Free!
Ethereal Free! Popular!
ettercap Free!
LiTe Sniffer Free!
NetworkActiv PIAFCTM Free!
Network Spy
NGSSniff  Free!
PortPeeker Free!
SnoopAnalyzer Standard Free!
SnoopAnalyzer Professional
SnoopNetCop Standard Free!
SnoopNetCop Professional
SpyNet Popular!
WinDump Free!
Y.A.S.C Sniff'em Free!
Zx Sniffer Free!
Port Scanners
ActivePorts Free! Popular!
Atelier Web Security Port Scanner (AWSPS) Popular!
Blue's PortScanner Free!
CIS - Cerberus Internet Scanner
Fport Free!
Fscan Free!
GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner Free!
Inzider Free!
IP ScanMaster Free!
LPS - Local Port Scanner Free!
NetworkActiv Scanner
NetScan Tools Pro 2000
Nmap Free! Popular!
NMapNT Free! Popular!
NMapWin Free! Popular!
(Win32 front-end)
NT Objectives Port Scanner Free!
Open Ports (Jason Levine) Free!
pcSuper Scanner Free!
PortScanner Free!
ScanLine Free!
SuperScan Free!
Vision Free!
Winternals TCPView Pro Popular!
WUPS Free!
Dial-Up Lock Millenium Edition
File Sharing Manager Free!
GRC: IDServe Free!
GRC: NoShare/LetShare Free!
GRC: SocketToMe & SocketLock Free!
Harden-It Free!
Nessus Free!
NukeNabber Free! Popular!
ShareClean Free!
ShareEnum Free!
ShareMon Free!
Tambu UDP Scrambler Free!
URL Discombobulator (Karen Kenworthy) Free!
Windows Worms Doors Cleaner Free!
WinPcap Free!
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