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Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Free! Popular!
Imad's PGP 6.5.8ckt Free!
(Enhanced PGP 6.5.8 build)
Disastry's PGP 2.6.3ia-multi Free!
(Enhanced PGP 2.6.3 build)
McAfee E-Business Server 7.1
(PGP Command Line 7.1)
PGP Shells, Add-ons, & Utilities
CryptEdit+ Free!
(PGP addon)
Disastry's PGP half-Plugin for Netscape Messenger Free!
Discretion Free!
(Outlook PGP Plugin)
Envelope Free!
(PGP shell replacement)
Netscape PGP Plugin
PGP 6.5.8ckt build 09 beta Command Line Free!
PGP 6.5.8ckt build 09 beta Uninstaller Free!
PGPClick Free!
(PGP shell replacement)
PGP Hotfixes Free!
PGP Mail Clients Free!
PM-PGP Free!
(IDW's Pegasus PGP Plugin)
Private Idaho Free!
(Pegasus PGP Plugin)
SquirrelMail PGP/GPG Encryption Plugin
The Bat! PGP Plugin DLL's Free!
The Bat! Alternate PGP Plugin DLL's Free!
Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG)
GnuPG (The GNU Privacy Guard) Free!
GnuPG Free!
(Win32 development binaries)
GnuPG Nullify Free!
(enhanced Win32 GPG builds)
Gnu Privacy Project Free!
(complete Win32 GPG package w/ GPA & WinPT)
GPGdisk Free!
(complete Win32 GPG packages w/ WinPT)
WinPT Installer (Windows Privacy Tools) Free!
(complete Win32 GPG packages w/ WinPT)
GPG Shells, Add-ons, & Utilities
Disastry's GnuPG Modules Free!
Enigmail Free!
(GPG shell extension for Netscape/Mozilla)
Eudora GPG Free!
GnuPG Shell Extension (GPGSX) Free!
Gnu Privacy Assistant Free!
(GnuPG frontend)
GNU Privacy Guard Plug-in for Becky! 2 Free!
gpg-2comp Free!
GPG DNS Keyserver Client Free!
GPG IDEA Module Free!
GPG Alternate IDEA Module Free!
(Outlook Express Plugin)
GPG Outlook Plugin Free!
GPGRelay Free!
(GnuPG frontend)
GPGRemail Free!
(GnuPG frontend)
GPGShell Free!
(GnuPG frontend)
GPG Windows Agent Free!
(Pegasus Mail plugin)
SquirrelMail PGP/GPG Encryption Plugin
WinPT Free!
(GnuPG frontend)
WinPT Eudora Plugin Free!
WinPT Explorer Extension Free!
(GnuPG frontend)
Digital Certificates
CAcert Free!
Comodo Secure Email Certificates Free!
GeoTrust - My Credential Personal Digital ID
Thawte - Personal Email Certificates Free!
Wild ID - Totally Free Digital ID Free!
Other Email Encryption Solutions
ArticSoft ContentAssurity
ArticSoft FileAssurity OpenPGP
Baltimore MailSecure
Ciphire Free!
ClipSecure Free!
Cryptix Free!
CryptoEx Notes
CryptoEx Outlook
Emailmax 2K Free!
Encryption Plus Email
Entrust Entelligence
iSafeGuard Free!
Pegwit Free!
PMMail 2000 Professional
Reflex MailSafe
Top Secret Crypto
VirusMD Personal Encrypter
WinGeam Free!
Zenc Free!
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