Difficulty You Should... More Info...
Easy use a unique, unobvious, unguessable, safe email password; change it regularly, store it securely, and never give it out to anyone Passphrase Info
Easy never open unexpected, unknown email attachments, even those from trusted sources -- save all attachments to disk and scan for viruses/trojans first Anti-Virus Programs
Anti-Virus Info
Easy never reply to spammers, even to "opt out" of unwanted email or "services" Privacy Docs & FAQ's
Medium set up disposeable, anonymous email accounts (e.g., Hotmail or Yahoo) for public use and reserve your main email account for use with close friends and family members Internet Privacy Services/Solutions
Hard use an anonymous email service or remailer Email Encryption/

Internet Privacy Services/Solutions
Easy post to public newgroups/forums with a "munged" email address Address Munging FAQ
Medium configure your email program's security features (esp. handling of attachments, HTML, scripts, macros, Java, and ActiveX) for maximum security  
Easy disable the preview pane in your email program  
Hard get the latest security patches and updates for your email program Critical Software 
Hard acquire and learn to use a personal encryption program (e.g., PGP) Email Encryption/
Easy understand your employer's email policies and assume the worst  

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