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CRC32 Tools
CRC32 Free!
CRC Property Page Shell Extension Free!
MD5 Tools
CKDMD5 Free!
MD5 Free!
MD5 Checksum Free!
MD5 Checksum Utility Free!
MD5 Sum Free!
MD5Sums Free!
MD5sumer Free!
MD5Sum Graphical Interface Free!
Advanced CheckSum Verifier (ACSV)
Another File Integrity Checker (AFICK) Free!
DAMN Hash Calculator Free!
DirMon Free!
FileChangeAlarm Free!
FileChecker Free!
FingerPrint Free!
Floke Integrity Free!
Intact - Change Detection System
Intact (Open Use) & Integrity Protection Driver Free!
Integrity Master
LANguard File Integrity Checker Free!
LANguard System Integrity Monitor Free!
Log Monitor Free!
MoniDIR Free!
NIS File Check Free!
Sentinel Free!
Watcher Free!
WinInterrogate Free!
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NISFileCheck Guidelines
A Poor Man's Trip Wire
KnownGoods Database

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