Process/Task Managers
Another Task Manager Free! Popular!
DiamondCS Advanced Process Manipulation (APM) Free! Popular!
DiamondCS Advanced Process Termination (APT) Free! Popular!
DiamondCS CMDLine Free!
DiamondCS ProcessGuard
DiamondCS TaskMan+ Free! Popular!
DLLMaster Popular!
DLL Show
Injecting Kernel32.dll - Protecting Against TerminateProcess
Microsoft WinTop Free! Popular!
(Kernel Toys)
OpenWin Free!
PID Manager Free!
PRCView Free! Popular!
PowerProcs Free!
Process Patrol Free!
ProcX Free!
PS95 Free!
Security Task Manager
SysInternals Process Explorer, FileMon, HandleEx, & RegMon Free! Popular!
TaskInfo 2000 Popular!
TheKillBox Free!
What's Happening Free! Popular!
WinPatrol Free!
Window Watcher (Karen Kenworthy) Free!
WinTasks 5 Professional
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Desktop Security/Lockdown
Windows NT/2000/XP Security Tools
Snooping Countermeasures
Start Up Managers
Installation Monitors
CRC32/MD5 Utilities

Windows NT/2000/XP Security Info

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