ActiveX, Java, & Scripting
ActiveX Exploder
ActiveX - Is It Worth the Risk?
ActiveX Security (Richard M. Smith) Popular!
ActiveX Viruses
Are Microsoft ActiveX Controls Dangerous?
Browser Crashes (Richard M. Smith) Popular!
  • FAQ's About Malicious Web Scripts Redirected by Web Sites
  • Malicious HTML Tags Embedded in Client Web Requests
  • Results of the Security in ActiveX Workshop (PDF document)
  • FAQ
    Cookie Central - Javascript Cookie Demos
    The Cross Site Scripting FAQ
    Executing Arbitrary Commands Using ActiveX
    Georgi Guninski's Home Page Popular!
    GreyMagic - Internet Explorer Advisories Popular!
    Hostile Applets

    iDEFENSE - Evolution of Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
    IE Hacking Kit
    Indiana University Knowledge Base
  • What is ActiveX?
  • What are ActiveX Controls?
  • What is Java?
  • What are JavaBeans?
  • What is JavaScript?
    Jason Levine's Browser Security Tests Popular!
    Jason Levine's IE Vulnerability Tests Popular!
    The JavaScript Resource
    Java Security Hotlist - Hostile Applets
  • ActiveX
  • IE4 Resource Kit - ActiveX
  • IE4 Resource Kit - Active Scripting
  • IE4 Resource Kit - Java
  • IE4 Resource Kit - Trust-based Security for Java
  • IE5 Resource Kit - Security Zones & Permission-Based Security for MS Virtual Machine
  • IE6 Resource Kit - Permission Based Security for Microsoft Virtual Machine
  • Q240797 - How to Stop an ActiveX Control from Running in Internet Explorer;en-us;q240797
    Nasty JavaScript Tricks
    NIST - Guidelines on Active Content & Mobile Code
    Online Security & Privacy Tests - Active Content Tests
 - Unpatched IE Security Holes Popular!
    Secure Internet Programming (MIT)
    Stupid Java Security Tricks
    Sun - Java Security FAQ
    TINY Software - ActiveX Example
    Using Back Button in IE is Dangerous
    Using Back Button in IE is Dangerous (demo)
    Weaknesses in ActiveX
    Whirly Wiry Web - Launch-in-IE
    WSHOM.OCX Exploit Test Page
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