Difficulty You Should... More Info...
 Easy obtain and install the latest version of a browser capable of 128-bit encyption Critical Software 
Easy download software only from trusted sources; virus-scan all downloaded software  
Medium configure your browser's security features (e.g., "Security Zones" in Internet Explorer) for maximum security Internet Explorer Security Zones
Medium learn how to regularly clean your browser's file cache, URL history, and cookies  
Medium learn how to disable your browser's use of Java, ActiveX, and scripting  
Medium keep close tabs on installed ActiveX controls in \Downloaded Programs and uninstall unneeded programs  
Medium configure your browser not to login automatically to FTP sites anonymously  
Medium disable "Userdata persistence" in Internet Explorer  
Easy give out personal information only to reputable web sites whose privacy policies you understand and trust  
Easy perform online transactions only over "secure" web connections (https://)  
Hard use a customized HOSTS file to block online marketers and advertisers HOSTS Files
& Utilities
Hard acquire and learn to use a web filtering program to block ads, control cookies, and manage your browser's use of Java, ActiveX, and scripting WWW Privacy 
Hard use an anonymous web surfing service (e.g., The Anonymizer or SafeWeb) or proxy software that anonymizes your web surfing (e.g., A4P or MultiProxy) Web Surfing Anonymizing
Internet Privacy Services/Solutions
Hard get the latest security patches & updates for your browser and Java VM (Virtual Machine) Critical Software 
Easy understand your employer's internet policies and assume the worst  

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