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SPAMfighter/Chicalogic/ReviverSoft Rouge software

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:43 pm    Post subject: SPAMfighter/Chicalogic/ReviverSoft Rouge software Reply with quote

The program SPAMfighter works very well at getting of spam, and in the past I have reommended it. Particuarly since there is a free version.

However due to dubious business practices on the part of SPAMfighter and some of its partners I can no longer recommened this software and am posting here to draw attention to it.

One of the several programs made by SPAMfighter is called Slow-PCfighter. It is yet another registry cleaner. As is the sadly the case more often then not, misleading claims are used to promote it.

Before I comment on that, I just want to point out you never ever need to clean the registry. Even if like me you install and uninstall software every day, and never reinstall Windows to start from scratch again - there still is no need to clean the registry. The makers of registry cleaners and the affiliates which make money from promoting it will of course tell you otherwise - but to put it bluntly they are lying. In very rare cases cleaning the registry may make a computer run faster or better or crash less - but you should be aware this is not a common scenario, and usually cleaning the registry is a waste of time. (It's also worth noting that 99% of registry cleaners mistakenly identify some valid and needed registy keys as being bad. If you were to delete them, then quite often you will actually cause problems).

Back to Slow-PCfighter, not only the publishers make highly misleading claims about the bebeift of running it. But, also as it the case for many registry cleaners 0 the demo version is practically useless - it only removes 25 of the alleged errors found. So basically the only way to fully test the software and see how well it works (or doesn't as will probably be the case) you have to purchase it. If you run the demo version, typically it will find many hundres or even over a thousand errors, which will be enough to convice many people in to buying the software. Only after they have paid for it will they find out that as is probalby the case - there computer runs no better after fixing the errors. To put things in to context - the vast majority of so called registry errors are completely harmless and will cause no adverse effects if left un touched.

Slow-PCfighter is also sold by other companies under different names, and is also sold under the name Chica PC-fix by a company called Chicalogic which is a division of SPAMfighter.

I have emailed Chicalogic several times question thier dubious business practices, however they no longer answer my emails. Also, I was posting about Chica PCfix on thier Facebook page. In response to this, they not only deleted my posts, but also removed the ability to add comments to thier page.

There is an ongoing discussion about Registry Reviver which is one of the licensed copies here http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=217876

Reviver Soft, the publisher of Registry Reviver even want to pay someone to write fake posative reviews for thier software on major download sites! as can be evidence in the above link.

Unfortunately within in the antispyware community there a tendency to label software of publishers as being "rogue" often without any providing evidence to support such claims. however I believe in this case the term rogue is more than apt. Which is a shame considering that the actual SPAMfighter program does work very well.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Interesting. Thanks for the post.
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