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How we keep our machines free from ad-mal-crapware and virii

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:01 am    Post subject: How we keep our machines free from ad-mal-crapware and virii Reply with quote

We have given some thought, all of 5-minutes, on this whole: ad,mal,crap and, any-other-form-of *-ware that can and does intrude/infect a computer. For us it has come down to doing the following:

“Fresh Install means”: Format the hard disk, partition the hard disk after which you should install the Operating System (OS), from whatever media you have. The aforementioned ‘does not’ include any pirated software.

Whenever the time comes for you to do a completely fresh install:
Just do it  That’s the short version.

Once the re-installation of the OS is complete:
Acquire an internet connection and update the base OS and all of your drivers. DO NOT, I truly mean ‘do not’ surf the Internet in any form, with the exception of following this document until everything on this list is complete. Depending on your needs or wants, lock down the Internet Explorer browser; I will not address that here.

– just sit down and do it! --

Install all of your ‘legitimate’ third party software you have.
Do a ‘disk cleanup’: that’s what it’s called in vista
Defrag the hard disk (HDD).

You now have a supposedly pristine system. Do a full and complete back-up of the HDD on which the OS resides and store it to an external hard drive --they are cheap. The next time your machine starts acting silly beyond belief, restore the HDD from the back-up you made post install --before you used the machine and reinfected it. It’s a lot cheaper than the time and money it takes to purchase and/or download, learn, and use all of the products designed to save and rid us of mal, ad, crapware and virri.

We’re not fans of incremental system back-ups, virii can also be backed up. The aforementioned is the quick and dirty of making a clean back-up before the system is used and/or infected. We never, ever - ever, well, we almost never save anything we care about to the same HDD that any windows operating system is on, never mind the thought of saving to the same partition that the windows OS is on; it’s just not going to happen.

LOG FILES: there are just too many log files accumulating in the OS which just keep growing in size; I have no idea what the limit on these file sizes are. We would rather spend time using the machines for what we need and not chasing down ad, mal, or spyware and virii or trying to figure out what is eating up our free space.

With our data safe on another HDD; once every three (3) or four (4) months we do the following:

format the entire HDD on which the OS resides and restore from the supposedly pristine back-up we did after the fresh install, hence our reason for saying “do not surf the internet”. The above cost less in time and money. Less cd(s)/DVD’s to keep track of.

Apologies for my poor grammer. If nothing else I hope this assists someone in their thinking if nothing else.
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Gary R

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gary R Administrator at Malware Removal University

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