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Crooked Cops

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 7:24 am    Post subject: Crooked Cops Reply with quote

I have a problem with a few L.C.M.P officers.

One prick in particular. See this 5'4" tall little less then human SOB drives by my house like clock work at 3.30 am and or as well as 4.30-5.30am honk horns rev engines squawk pa (he is not alone in this)
This has been going on 11 full months!
He (they do)does this week in week out 3-5 nights.

Now cave man way you thump a few of them into the ground they others come and kill you.

Legal way if your rich you can complain higher up it will cease.

But do to i,ll health i,m not rich so they know they can do what the hell ever they want.
Their corporal is aware of this and basically lied and laughed about it.
Said his officers would do no such thing with them sitting there basically gave them the go ahead to do what ever they want.

I have found that most cops are on average far more crooked then most bikers.
How many bikers do you know will consistently pick on a disabled person?

Cops been doing this since march 20 last year.

Started hen one cop calls me up and starts chewing me out for 40 minuets on the phone mr5'4" According to law if i hang up i could be charged with disobeying a cop.
Mean while i,m diabetic and they know this hence the keeping me on phone hopeing i will go into a coma my blood sugar was low when he called and 40 minuets of being rudely abraded by him i said i must eat something soon every chance i could get. little mister mouth peace just kept up his abrasiveness finally i said i,m recording this phone call .

His whole tone suddenly changed.
backed off started say should i call you an ambulance etc total kiss azz.

I had his boss call me the next day saying he won,t put up with me recording calls and threatening to utube things.

Ok part of my disabilities is my blood sugar drops low my brain literaly start to shut down. the pricks know this and try to catch me like that for their entertainment.

Because when its low i have little control of how i respond i,m sure the bunch were sitting there listening to me ramble out nonsense in reply to stupid questions.

So after this they quit calling and have done 10 months 9 days of hell on me
3.30-4.30-5.30 am wake ups.
except one week this month only got woke up 5 times at 5.30am.

I believe they are hoping that i will die of this .

So moral of this don,t ever become i,ll
don,t ever become weak
so you won,t ever become poor
so you can afford a lawyer to fight back.

So before you ask questions or give advice see whats allready been given and answered.

looks like they have upped it to a full 7 nights a week.
got nailed again at 430am this morning.

Tired of proprietary Cor-pirationware?
Installing Vista http://tinyurl.com/2l9qyd
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What made them so mad?
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Neal Kelly
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