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Infected by ...something

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Joined: 24 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 10:04 am    Post subject: Infected by ...something Reply with quote

Ok, the thing is my computer has gotten infected by an very annoying thingie/virus/trojan (don't really know) that shows up in the little list at the bottom of my screen as a little yellow X on a dark blue background and then shifts to a yellow question mark and back again... It seems to have put in some cookie or something as it is redirecting me from my own startpage to it's own: http://iehomepages.com/ (probably contains spyware, so don't go there), it also keeps telling me "Critical System Error" and that i'm infected by a trojan horse in a cute little box above it's icon.

It also seems to link to this site: http://www.virusburst.com/?aff=321 (probably also contains spyware) from it's icon.

I've searched for "virusburst" and found some files and removed them and I've performed both virus and AdAware searches but they don't find it.

I'm getting kinda desperate, can someone please tell me how to remove this litte bugger?
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Gary R

Joined: 03 May 2005
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 1:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You need to post a log in the HijackThis Log forum.

Create a new folder C:\HJT

Download HijackThis.exe to this folder.

It is important you install it into this folder for the following reasons.

  • If you leave it on your desktop, backups can easily get deleted by accident.
  • If you put it in a Temp File, HJT and the backups may get deleted if we need to clear out your Temp Files as part of the cure.

Once it is located, Navigate to the folder using Windows Explorer or My Computer, and double click on HijackThis.exe.

      Before your first scan, we need to check the configuration.

      Click on the Config button in the bottom right hand corner and confirm the following are checked.

      • Make backups before fixing items.
      • Confirm fixing & ignoring of items (safe mode).
      • Include list of running processes in logfiles.

      The other items should be unchecked.

  • Click the Back button to return to the Scan page.

  • Click on the Scan button, and wait for the scan to finish (this may take some time depending on the number of items in your log).

  • When finished the Scan button will turn to a Save Log button, click on this and save the log (by default to the same folder that HijackThis.exe is in).

To paste it into a Forum, do the following.

  • Navigate to your Hijack This folder.
  • Double click on the hijackthis.log file, a text document will now be open on your screen.
  • Click on Edit/ Select All, then Edit/Copy.
  • Open the Posting Screen on the Forum by CLICKING HERE
  • Click on New Topic.
  • Right click in the screen, and click on Paste. The text should now be in the message.
  • Press Submit.

Be patient, we are always busy and sometimes it takes a while before you get a reply from a helper.
If you haven't recieved a reply within 3 days, post a request in the 72 Hour forum, with a link to your HJT log.

DO NOT POST TO YOUR HJT LOG AGAIN UNTIL YOU GET A REPLY FROM A HELPER. Doing so removes your log from the Zero Reply list, which we scan when we're looking for who to help next.
Gary R Administrator at Malware Removal University

If you've been helped, please donate to help with the costs of this volunteer site .... Spyware Warrior Donations
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