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you didn't help me much

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 11:25 pm    Post subject: you didn't help me much Reply with quote

Sorry for the title, but it was a way to draw the attention. I use Windows XP Home Editon (now with an SP2 that I don't know if is genuine). In my first post on HijackThis logs forum, I said : " I cannot reformat and reinstall my system because my PC was bought with it". Random/Random answered this post but he didn't understand this part of it. I explained it to him again. I said: " the reason why I cannot reformat and reinstall my system is simple: I won't have a system to reinstall because I don't have the install CD of the operating system and I don't have the install CD of Microsoft Office Professional 97 (that I use). I will loose both, so I will have to by another system and another office; and buying new ones is out of question (I am not the one who pays the accounts here)." Randon/Random tried to help me; in fact, some fixes produced effect. However, as the rootkit was still in my PC, he gave up without an explanation. Random/Random, why did you disappear without saying something first?
So, Mosaic1 also tried to help me; but he didin't understand why I refused to reformat and reinstall my system. Once again I had to explain it; but he didn't understand what I said. In his last post, he said "Where's your antivirus? And your firewall? I don't see any of them running." In my previous posts I said more than once that I would only install the antivirus (that I downloaded to my CD-RW) when requested to do so. And he didin't do it because I said that I cannot trust anything I download (I think that he forgot that). Concerning the firewall: I thought that it was enabled bacues it appears as enabled when I access 'Security Center' or 'Windows Firewall' option in control panel. He said that after examining comboscan log and silent runners log; but as he didn't gave a way to answer him (he locked my thread), he doesn't know that 'comboscan' was infected. The system restore was enabled by comboscan, but in its log it says "it was not possible to enable system restore". What is not possibel to do is to restore the system, although it is possible to create a restore point (I did it). Suzy also gave her opinion in my thread and she also didn't understand the reason why I cannot reformat my operating system. I explain, explain,and explain; nobody gets it. This irritated me a lot. I got tired of explaining and not being understood. I begun to doubt that I was accessing the real 'spywarewarrior.com' site (Mosaic1 and Suzy begun to seem less smart than I thought, as they didn't understand something so simple). Mosaic1 and Suzy, have you got it now? Or do you want me to draw it... hehehe...
Anyway, about sytem restore: how can I restore the system to day one? In addition, is there a way to fix system boot for the first screen to appear? I 've been thinking about this: to tell you the truth, I never saw the first screen; I had a black screen (until the big red 'Compaq' appeared) since day one (I remember that my sister and I found that it was strange; but as windows XP was diferent from Windows 95/98 that we already knew, we thought that this was normal). When Mosaic1 asked me to try accessing Recovery Console, I could only see the 'setup' option on screen (there was another option but I could not see it clearly). On the day I installed SP2, I could see a little bit of the screens that should appear on boot. But, a few days later, I could'nt see anything at all again. Sorry if I forgot to mention this facts. This rootkit is literally giving me headaches.

I hope that there is a wayout...

always eager to learn more
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


You have been told already why we could not help you. You have been given advice, but you refuse to follow it.

You need to format your computer, or take it to someone at a computer repair store to fix.

If you start another topic here, I will deactivate your useraccount.
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