PDA Privacy & Security
This site is primarily concerned with privacy and security solutions for Windows users. If you're a PDA user who is interested in these issues, you could do worse than start with the links below..
AntiVir Mobile
BitDefender Mobile
CNN - Keep Your PDA Data Safe
CrypBox for PalmOS
FirewallGuide.com - PDA Security
F-Secure AntiVirus for PocketPC & Nokia
F-Secure FileCrypto for PocketPC & Nokia
F-Secure SSH for Nokia 9200
Handango Security Guard for PalmOS
Handango Security Guard for PocketPC
Handango Vault for PalmOS
Handango Vault for PocketPC
Kaspersky Security for PDA
McAfee VirusScan Mobile
Microsoft - Security on the Pocket PC
NWFusion - Protecting Your PDA Assets
PCWorld - Tips for Keeping a Leash on Your PDA's Data
PDA Defense
or http://www.pdadefense.com/
PDA: Network Security from the pros
PDA Security 101
PGP Mobile
Pilot stuff from the ISAAC Group
PointSec for PalmOS
PointSec for PocketPC
SafeGuard PDA
SafeGuard PrivateCrypto for PocketPC
SANS - PDA Issues
SD Memory Card
SecurityFocus.com - Palm OS: a Platform for Malicious Code? Part One
SecurityFocus.com - Palm OS: a Platform for Malicious Code? Part Two
Sentry CE (PocketPC)
Top Gun ssh
Trend Micro PC-cillin for Wireless
UVA - Access Denied: Plug the Holes in Your PDA
Wireless Campuses Deliver Both Productivity Gains & Security Risks
Yale ITS Med - PDA Security
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