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Spyware-Free P2P Apps
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Spyware-Free P2P/Filesharing Apps
Clean Grokster Free!
Clean Imesh Free!
Clean LimeWire Free!
Diet KaZaA Free!
DirectConnect Free!
E-Mule Free!
Gnucleus Free!
Madster (formerly Aimster)
Napigator Free!
OpenNap Free!
Phex Free!
P2P Spyware Removal Instructions
Shareza Free!
Soulseek Free!
Spyware Free AudioGalaxy Satellite Free!
WinMX Free!
Secure/Anonymous P2P/Filesharing Apps
BitTorrent Free!
EarthStation 5 Free!
FreeNetProject.org Free!
GNUnet Free!
MUTE Free!
Tor Free!
Waste Free!
Spyware-Infested P2P/Filesharing Apps
AudioGalaxy Free!
BearShare Free!
Blubster Free!
eDonkey Free!
File Navigator Free!
Grokster Free!
Imesh Free!
KaZaA Free!
Limewire Free!
Morpheus Free!
Piolet Free!
SongSpy Free!
Xolox Free!
Removal/Cleaning Instructions
A Clean KaZaA - Because It's Your Computer
Duke University
  • Audio Galaxy Satellite
  • BearShare
  • Global Divx Player
  • Grokster
  • Imesh
  • KaZaa
  • Limewire
    KazaaBegone Free!
    Morpheus Regcleaner Free!
    Giving KaZaA's Spyware A Root Canal...
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