The Ad-Blocking Window in NIS & NPF


Symantec has made changes over the past few versions of NIS and NPF to the method or path for accessing the ad-blocking window. Symantec has also changed the title of the ad-blocking window through successive versions of NIS and NPF. Here's a summary of the window titles used in different versions of NIS and NPF: 

Program Version Ad-Blocking Window Title
NIS 2002 Professional "Norton Internet Security Advanced Options"
NIS 2003 "Norton Internet Security Options"
NIS 2003 Professional "Norton Internet Security Professional Options"
NPF 2003  "Norton Personal Firewall Options"
NIS 2004  "Advanced"
NIS 2004 Professional "Advanced"
NPF 2004 "Advanced"
NIS 2005 "Advanced"
NPF 2005 "Advanced"
NIS 2006 "Advanced"
NPF 2006 "Advanced"
NIS 2007 "Advanced"
Note: for a screenshot of the ad-blocking window in your version of NIS or NPF,  click the name for your NIS/NPF version.

The ad-blocking window itself has not changed, however, and looks much the same in all versions of NIS and NPF.


Norton Internet Security 2002


Norton Internet Security 2003


Norton Internet Security 2003 Pro


Norton Personal Firewall 2003


Norton Internet Security 2004


Norton Internet Security 2004 Pro


Norton Personal Firewall 2004


Norton Internet Security 2005


Norton Personal Firewall 2005


Norton Internet Security 2006


Norton Personal Firewall 2006


Norton Internet Security 2007

Note: For ad blocking to be available in NIS 2007, the Norton Internet Security Add-on Pack must be downloaded and installed: