Brilliant Digital Entertainment (BDE) Info
Brilliant Digital Entertainment (BDE) Info
  • The Chronicle - Secret Software Could Take Control of University Computers
  • CNET - Brilliant CEO: Nothing to Hide
  • CNET - How To Uninstall Brilliant Digital's Software
  • CNET - Kazaa Exec Defends Sleeper Software
  • CNET - Paid Content Comes to Kazaa
  • CNET - PC Invaders Camp Out On Hard Drives
  • CNET - Stealth P2P Network Hides Inside Kazaa
  • CNN - KaZaA Download Offers Unexpected Feature
  • CNN - KaZaA Sneakware Stirs Inside PCs
  • New York Times - In Free Music Software, a Hidden Fee-Based Service
  • Reflections on Brilliant Digital: Single Points of Internet 0wnership
  • Slashdot - Distributed Computing Program Hidden in Kazaa
  • Slashdot - CEO of Brilliant Defends Sneaky Installation Practices
  • Slashdot - General Public Realizes KaZaa is Spyware
  • Slashdot - More on Kazaa and Brilliant Digital Spyware
  • Slashdot - Reflections on Brilliant Digital
  • So, Is KaZaA/BDE Spyware?
  • - Expert Warns of Trojan Explosion
  • ZDNet - Brilliant Responds: Now YOU Be the Judge
  • ZDNet - Can You Trust Brilliant? I Don't. Here's Why
  • ZDNet - Caution! Don't Let Brilliant Hijack Your PC
  • ZDNet - Did Brilliant Do Anything Wrong? The Debate Rages
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