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Threat Info
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Threat Info
EBURGER Windows Security
Four Ways to Disable Windows Scripting (Fred Langa)
How to Disable or Remove the Windows Scripting Host (Fred Langa)
Looking for Guilt in Associations
(John Woram)
Privacy Software Corp
  • Extreme Risks In Microsoft VBS Scripting Host
  • EXE2HTML HTA Exploit Generator
    SOPHOS - Disabling WSH
    Symantec - Uninstalling / Disabling the WSH
    Windows Script (Host) Uninstaller Free!
    ZDNet - How to Turn Off Windows Scripting Host
    General Info
    Automate Windows (Karen Kenworthy)
    Born's WSH Bazaar
    Jason Levine's Toolbox Script Repository
    MIND - What is the Windows Scripting Host?
    Microsoft MSDN
  • HTML Applications
  • HTML Applications
  • Introducing HTML Applications: DHTML Goes out of the Browser
  • Introduction to HTML Applications (HTAs)
  • Scripting
  • What is an HTML Application?
  • Windows 2000 Scripting Guide
  • Writing HTML Applications for Internet Explorer 5.0
    MSN Groups - Windows Script (Ian Morrish)
    Need a Fix? Make a WSH! (Dave Methvin)
    Win32 Scripting
    Windows Script & Windows Update
    Windows Scripting Host FAQ (Ian Morrish)
    Windows Scripting Host Resources
    WSH Functionality & Your Windows Server
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