Aluria Spyware Eliminator & Four WhenU Applications
  Aluria's anti-spyware products have handled adware applications from WhenU in a number of different ways over the past two years. This page presents a series of tests with various versions of Spyware Eliminator and its successor, Aluria Security Center, against four standard WhenU applications.

The results of these tests can be summarized thusly:

  • Aluria Spyware Eliminator was detecting WhenU apps as of July 2004.
  • By December 2004, Spyware Eliminator was no longer detecting WhenU apps.
  • Strangely, the new Aluria Security Center 4.0 was detecting WhenU apps in February 2005, but presenting 
    them on the "Spyware" tab, not the "Consumerware" tab.
  • By June 2005, though, Aluria Security Center was presenting the WhenU apps on the "Consumerware" tab.
  • With the latest March 2006 defs, WhenU apps have returned to the "Spyware" tab.
  Test environment:
- Windows XP Home w/ SP2 (fully patched)
- Internet Explorer 6.0 w/ SP2
- VMware 4.52 (512 mb RAM)

Test bed (installed w/ Bald Eagle Screensaver):
- WhenU Save!
- WhenUSearch
- WhenU Weathercast
- WhenU ClockSync

Note: the vast majority of non-WhenU detections shown in scan results below are false positives.

1.   Test # 1: Spyware Eliminator 3.0.31 w/ July 2004 defs  [back to top]
2.   Test # 2: Spyware Eliminator 3.5.0 w/ December 2004 defs  [back to top]
3.   Test # 3: Spyware Eliminator 3.5.4 w/ December 2004 defs  [back to top]

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4.   Test # 4: Aluria Security Center 4.0.0 w/ February 2005 defs  [back to top]
5.   Test # 5: Aluria Security Center 4.0.0 w/ June 2005 defs  [back to top]
6.   Test # 6: Aluria Security Center 4.0.0 w/ March 2006 defs  [back to top]

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