The State of Hotbar Detections
(31 July 2005) *

App/Defs Ad-aware CtrSpy McAfee Msft Pest Patrol Spybot S&D Spy Catcher Spy Sweeper Spyware Doctor Trend Micro X-cleaner ZeroSw.
Hotbar --- Q --- Q X X X X --- X X Q
AccuWeather --- Q --- Q X X X X --- X X Q
WOWPapers --- Q --- Q X X X X --- X X Q
Outlook Tools --- Q --- Q X X X X --- X X Q
Shopper Rpts --- Q X Q X X X X --- X X Q

Notes: Hotbar and its package of bundled apps (which are installed as a semi-integrated suite of applications) were installed onto a test computer. Twelve anti-spyware applications were then run, all with the latest publicly available program versions and definitions for those products. No removals were performed.

* Note: this table was updated to reflect: a) the release of new definitions for X-Cleaner on 31 July 2005; b) testing performed with Spybot S&D.

Hotbar:  HbHostIE.dll, HbToolbar.dll, HbCoreSrv.dll, dBenderC.dll, HbSrv.exe
AccuWeather:  WeatherOnTray.exe
WOWPapers:  Wallpaper.dll
Outlook Tools: HbHostOL.dll, HbHostOE.dll, HbOEAddOn.exe
Shopper Rpts:  ShprRprt.dll, ShprRprt.exe

I = ZeroSpyware, CounterSpy, or Microsoft AntiSpyware detects, but presents default action of "Ignore"
Q = ZeroSpyware, CounterSpy, or Microsoft AntiSpyware detects, and presents default action of "Quarantine"
X = application detects and presents threat to user (no default action)
--- = application does not detect threat

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Copyright 2005 Eric L. Howes

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